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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My princesses invitation!

Nearly another week gone by... And I can confirm that I have made 4 cards this week- rather well done I think as I have also got a busy eBay business going at the minute and a business page on Facebook to update regular, mix that in with 2 children under 3 and a husband and fondness only knows how I get anything else done!!! Anyway excuses over... I have made four cards this week and I will hopefully get round to posting them on Friday- you never know by then I may have made even more (I can hope cant I not that I hold out much hope as know body bothered to tell me that you don't just have the terrible 2's to get over with children but the tantrummy (if that's a word) 3's or nearly 3's! RANT OFFICIALLY OVER!!!! I'm hoping I receive my next lorry load of crafting goodies very soon I can't wait and as ever I will be using them to create something amazing, till then though my crafting lovelies I will leave you to keep calm and carry on creating!!! (maybe I will use that theory tomorrow when my little monster insists on using my pro markers to colour in her colouring book)!!!!

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